Documents Required for a Uk Spouse Visa

We perceive the ever changing nature of the decisions our customers face and we try to make the procedure of migration as peaceful and reasonable as could be allowed.

Our experience as a firm and as individual legal advisors involves we have effectively recognized and settled relatively every potential test that our customers may confront; we cooperate with them on both an individual and professional  level to enable them to discover answers to their problems and accomplish their goals, regardless of whether that is anchoring another job or place to study, joining or staying with a nearby family relative, or uniting their status to enable them to get ready for and secure their future.

To get a UK spouse visa, you and your partner both require to be 18 or above. Your partner must also either be a British citizen, have established in the UK (i.e they have ‘indefinite leave to remain’ or proof of permanent residence or have refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK. You and your partner must aim to live together everlastingly in the UK after you submit an application.Uk-spouse-visa

Documents required for a UK spouse visa

  1. After getting married you will have right to apply for a spouse visa. According to the new rules, first 2.5 year visa will be given for probationary period to test the relationship.
  2. The person who is Sponsor (British citizen or permanent resident) necessarily have earning over £18,600 or £22,400 and in case of having a child (extra £2400 for every child) preferably have they been bringing in this for over 6 months. The extra fee for children only applies to children of the UK Spouse Visa Application and not any children of the Permanent Resident.
  3. As evidence of earning one has to show savings over £16,000. Only then you qualify the monetary obligation for a spouse visa.
  4. You must be set to live jointly in order to take a UK Spouse Visa

A Special Tests you Need To Take

You require to  take an approved Secure English Language Test at level A2 or more than this to qualify for this visa.  WMimmigration advises  to take a higher level test if possible for example B1 because this will be beneficial for you in saving you from a higher level test afterward when you desire to establish in the UK.

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